About Us

Why consider NorthPoint for your print and branded promotions?
Four simple reasons:
Knowledge - Experience and relationships are arguably the most critical factors in delivering quality service, especially against tight deadlines or unexpected circumstances. NorthPoint's deep understanding and close working relationships mean that we can successfully deliver even under the most stringent conditions.
Resources - Whether digital or offset, successful printing projects depend on the right equipment and skill set. NorthPoint matches each project with the particular strengths and equipment mix to produce the best possible result.
For branded promotions, the NorthPoint network covers every conceivable item that you would want to put your brand on. We keep on top of all the latest developments and trends, and can help you make the most effective and economical choices.
Service - Our success is built on keeping our clients satisfied and delivering more than they expect. It's a philosophy that's helped us earn a client retention rate that's among the highest in the industry.
Reliability - What, when and where you need it. Period.
There's one more reason to consider NorthPoint: Our success depends on your success, and we are thoroughly dedicated to both.